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Focusing on the details is critical.

"The closing ceremony should be the simplest part of buying a home, if things are prepared in advance and with attention to detail."- Rebecca L. Stevens, managing partner

Helping you purchase, refinance, or secure a home equity loan on your home

Our firm provides legal services for real estate transactions, which include purchases, refinances, and home equity loans. We also offer limited services for commercial real estate transactions.


A Purchase is a transaction between a buyer and seller involving the transfer of property, usually including a dwelling such as a new home.

For each purchase, the attorney reviews the title to the property, renders an opinion and obtains title insurance to meet our clients' needs. We also:

  • Prepare documents of transfer
  • Comply with Federal regulations and reporting
  • Meet your lender's legal requirements (including title insurance)
  • Prepare the HUD-1 settlement statement, based in part upon lender instructions and Federal requirements

All loan documents from your lender are forwarded to our office for preparation. In almost all cases, we will conduct the closing in our Cary office. As part of our service to you, we take careful steps to explain the documents, provide you copies, handle all the funds and disbursements, update our title search and do the final recordation.

A final opinion is rendered by the attorney, and then funds and copies of all the documents of transfer are sent to the title insurance company as required by your lender on your behalf.  

Upon confirming that all liens of public record are cancelled, we will then close a file. Until then, we continue working on each file to insure the best interests of our clients are met.

A Refinance is a transaction that changes your monetary investment in your home.

The following are a few examples of why a person might refinance a home:

Taking out equity for a home improvement or business venture
Switching from an adjustable rate to a fixed-rate mortgage
Obtaining a lower mortgage rate
Eliminating mortgage insurance premiums

In most cases, the same documents and requirements which are necessary in a purchase also apply in a refinance – with the exception of transfer of title, since there is no seller. A new title policy for the new loan is a standard requirement for lenders when refinancing, and we will search for the greatest discount available for that title policy, which is governed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Home Equity Loans
A home equity loan is a line of credit secured by the equity in your home.

It is important to have thorough legal perspective when arranging a home equity loan. A recipient of a home equity loan is held accountable for all payments and the house can be foreclosed upon, as in a regular finance, if payments are not made on time.

There is almost always a variable rate of interest with home equity loans. An equity line of credit is also available for future withdrawals (up to your maximum amount), so you may borrow, repay, then borrow again without the need to refinance and meet those stringent lender/federal requirements.

Limited Commercial Real Estate Closings
We will assist clients with the legal transactions for the purchase of office condos, other business properties or vacant land on a limited basis. If at any time we are unable to provide our expertise for a commercial closing, we will provide a referral.

In the case of landlord and tenant disputes or various other types of litigation, we will provide a referral upon request.

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